Saterdag, 20 Julie 2024
Janet Marshall

Janet Marshall


I was born in Cape Town, traveled the world and settled in Stanford in 2007, having made a conscious decision to lighten my ecological footprint.

I landed up behind the microphone for Whale Coast FM for 8 years, starting with a Tourism Show and then adding ‘Musical Choices’, interviewing locals with interesting stories. Add to that  The Breakfast Show which I did for 18 months with co-host Paul Boshoff.  I moved from Breakfast to Drive Time and did that solo for 2 years, all the while becoming more and more involved with the radio station, culminating in becoming a Director.

 I enjoy meeting people who make a difference in the world, people who enjoy music, especially when they come to listen to us, The Jazzfordians, sing Jazz Standards in Stanford.

I present. I sing. I question. I listen. I care. I learn.