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Klassieke Keur 19 Julie 2020

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Klassieke Keur van virtuele opvoerings wereldwyd gedurende inperking.


Future Perfect invites Dr Azar Jammine onto the fast train to the future.

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Annette Jahnel invites Dr Azar Jammine; CEO of Econometrix onto the fast train to the future to to try to discover how to stop the economic race to the bottom. Dr Jammine gives us a quick background (min 0:00 -3:13)

Is corruption not perhaps built into our current global economic system?(min 3:30) Over the past 25 years the global central banks have been pumping trillions of dollars into the systems that is splashed about the financial system.

What is the difference between quantitative easing and just printing money (min 5) the money is caught up in the financial markets and not going to those in financial dire straits.

There is inflation just not where we would expect it. Hyper inflation is in shares and assets and ultimately in rental and property markets. ( min 7) pushing inequality.

What would you do in a perfect world to change this? (min 10)

Is our government doing something right? (min 13)

East or West economic policy , from whom should be taking our cue? (min 15)

How do we get out of this economic hole? (min 17)

Are we not educating people in the wrong direction? (min 20)

Investments are not creating jobs (min 23) how do big investment banks change the landscape?

Do you think South Africa have an economic plan? (min 25)

We need a social pact between different leaderships, our leadership is decisive (min 26)

What can we do to help ourselves? (min 27)












Klassieke Keur 12 Julie

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Saskia Kempff Ballet Musiek

Wayne Duvenage CEO of OUTA is this weeks guest on Future Perfect

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OUTA started with investigating the corruption involved in the building of the Gauteng inner city toll gantries (min.6) Tackling SANRAL head-on they brought the scheme to its knees.(min.8)

Democracy requires participation can OUTA give any tips on what we do to stop corruption? (min.10) How does the ruling allowing independents to run for office change the dynamic concerning corruption? (min. 14)

How does one take the government to court if the government is taking your tax money to pay lawyers to fight your claim of tax abuse?(min.16.30) Citizens must act(min.19) and maintain a long view (min.20.30)

Can a counselors get fired?(min.22) Use social media as a social tool(min.23) Remind the government that the problems that we are facing existed before the pandemic, this is not a scapegoat we will let you use.(min.27) OUTA is positioning themselves as an anti-corruption platform where best practices and the experiences of other municipalities to empower everyone. (min.29)

Dean O'Niel Municipal Manager of Cape Agulhas Municipality

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Future Perfect invites Dean O'Niel,  municipal manager of Cape Agulhas, onto the fast train to the future. The 2020 audit of South Africa's municipalities showed R32billion wasted; Annette Jahnel asks how this is possible. How do incompetence counselors get into their positions of oversight (min.4) Understanding how the elections work is vital to preventing corruption (min.7) and to ensure that the counselors are competent. Voting for people you like does not good governance make. What can you as the public do to make your municipality more accountable (min.10) the private sector take on the mantel of political education. What is lacking in civil participation , how can they help? (min. 15) The public hands over their moral obligation to corrupt politicians (17.30 min) 

Frieda Lloyd of Cape Whale Coast tourism is onboard the fast train to Future Perfect

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Frieda Lloyd of Whale Coast tourism is our guest this morning on the fast train to the future. We take a quick step back in time to remind ourselves of the last time that tourism was 'normal' on the Overstrand. We take a hard objective look at the massive financial damage the lock-down has caused our local economy.  Frieda gives a break-down of where we are with lock-down level 2,5,  and then we head into the future and discuss in rational terms what each player on the tourism field must do to help bring tourists back to the beautiful Overstrand.

Brenda Walters of Marine Dynamics joins us on the fast train to the future

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Annette Jahnel is in conversation with Brenda Walters of Marine Dynamics.

Marine Dynamics is a conservation tourism company that concerns itself with the well-being of the marine life of Walker Bay. From monitoring great white and bronze shark populations, to the conservation and rebuilding of the Dyer Island African penguin colony. Marine Dynamics academy runs volunteer internship programs that host many international students, scientists, and conservationists.

The public can help with the vital conservation of the Walker Bay Marine Eco system by supporting Marine Dynamics directly by paying them a visit, or by sponsoring beach clean ups (min 19;50), storm water drain nets (min 18), signing petitions aimed at protecting our shark populations against commercial exploitation and by simply ensuring that you do not by protected fish species, do not eat fish out of season( min 20;45) , and do not litter.


Annette Jahnel reflects on how COVID-19 has changed our behavior.

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As life becomes more difficult, four months into the lock-down, the more we instinctively start thinking only of 'number one' this weakens the social net that must support us all. By brain training and becoming mindful, we gain the ability to remain open and empathetic towards society, thereby ensuring that we keep adding our strength to the social net. (min 3) This net is built first between close partners , by remaining aware of how we may be slipping into none beneficial speech patterns and reactive behavior to those speech patterns. 

Gratitude exercise; three faces you love, expanded empathy two people you don't like, two second eye contact, and three minutes of listening. ( min 5) to expand our perspective to include more people, the more people we include the stronger the social net becomes that supports us all.

Annette Jahnel of the Essential Knowledge.co shares her life manifesto and suggest that we should each write one for ourselves. To understand yourself is part of your journey from brain to mind, to wisdom (min 19)

Carl Sagan - Pale Blue Dot (min 21)



Future Perfect; how to prepare the Overstrand for digital nomads

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Future Perfect invites Craig Austin of Co.Unity aboard the fast train to the future. He and Annette Jahnel discuss how the Overstrand can tap into the growing tourism market that is less about an annual holiday, and more of a 'the world is my workplace' (min 3.30). What are the requirements that this kind of global traveler needs, what would attract them to the Overstrand? What is a digital nomad? (min 6.45) what infrastructure do they need? (min 8) providing the services that these travelers need to support their lifestyles requires a mindset change from people who have stationary businesses. Digital nomads are interested in a complete global lifestyle; meeting people, learning about new cultures, and firsthand experiences, as opposed to going to see the sights and sitting in fancy restaurants. (min 12) Hermanus sits in the town size to infrastructure ratio sweet spot (min 17) Innovative and flexible office/business space leasing is part of the future of any small town economy. (min 21)


2019 World body-boarding champion Tristan Roberts

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2019 World body-boarding champion Tristan Roberts is back in South Africa, and is on his way home to Onrus . He spent time with us on this Surfing Saturday sharing highs and lows of his  body-boarding career.

"It feels like I've done the impossible. I thought I had lost the world title this year. I started really really good, I made a few mistakes along the way, and just tried to do my best," explained Roberts.

"I love Gran Canaria. It has always been a big part of me and my riding."

"The Canary Islands helped me through one of the toughest times in my life when my dad passed away, and the community really helped me. I'm forever grateful to all the locals."

Klassieke Keur 28 Junie 2020

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