Dinsdag, 04 Augustus 2020

Future Perfect invites virtual guests that have given Mandela Day Lectures onto the fast train to the future

Sometimes building the future requires a look back at the past.

Annette Jahnel of the Essential Knowledge co, invites  virtual guests that have given Mandela Day Lectures, from the very first lecture in 2003, by ex US president Bill Clinton, to the 2020 lecture by the António Guterres Secretary-General of the United Nations, onto Future Perfect.

Neuroscience 101 , why being grateful helps you fight any decease (min 1 to 9:00)

Bill Clinton 2003 Mandela Day lecture (min 10:30)

The problems that existed then continue to exist now (min 14:30)

The inequality that Clinton spoke of was founded in a completely different world, today inequality has a completely different driver.(min 17:30)

Amazon and E-Bay were launched in 1995 one year after we became the 'rainbow nation' they have become global powers ... (min 21)

Extract from Barack Obama 's 2018 Mandela Day speech.(min 23)

Comparison between the concept of inequality in 2003 ans 2018 (min 32)

Discussion of Antonio Guterres 's 2020 Mandela Day speech (min 34)

"While we are all floating on the same sea, it is clear that some of us are on super yachts while others are clinging to floating debris." (min 36)

26 people have more wealth than half the worlds population. (min 38) The main of this is slowly being felt by everybody.

António Guterres Secretary-General of the United Nations sound clip(min 40)

The powerful believe that they can come up with solutions. They cannot, simply because of how the human brain function. (min 43)

The questions is this: if you are successful in an unjust unsustainable system, what are you? (min 45)

17 goals for the new social contract (min 49)

Searching for Galileo , Time bandits , it is time that sets us apart.(min 51)

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