Dinsdag, 04 Augustus 2020

Future Perfect invites Dr Azar Jammine onto the fast train to the future.

Annette Jahnel invites Dr Azar Jammine; CEO of Econometrix onto the fast train to the future to to try to discover how to stop the economic race to the bottom. Dr Jammine gives us a quick background (min 0:00 -3:13)

Is corruption not perhaps built into our current global economic system?(min 3:30) Over the past 25 years the global central banks have been pumping trillions of dollars into the systems that is splashed about the financial system.

What is the difference between quantitative easing and just printing money (min 5) the money is caught up in the financial markets and not going to those in financial dire straits.

There is inflation just not where we would expect it. Hyper inflation is in shares and assets and ultimately in rental and property markets. ( min 7) pushing inequality.

What would you do in a perfect world to change this? (min 10)

Is our government doing something right? (min 13)

East or West economic policy , from whom should be taking our cue? (min 15)

How do we get out of this economic hole? (min 17)

Are we not educating people in the wrong direction? (min 20)

Investments are not creating jobs (min 23) how do big investment banks change the landscape?

Do you think South Africa have an economic plan? (min 25)

We need a social pact between different leaderships, our leadership is decisive (min 26)

What can we do to help ourselves? (min 27)












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