Dinsdag, 04 Augustus 2020

Dean O'Niel Municipal Manager of Cape Agulhas Municipality

Future Perfect invites Dean O'Niel,  municipal manager of Cape Agulhas, onto the fast train to the future. The 2020 audit of South Africa's municipalities showed R32billion wasted; Annette Jahnel asks how this is possible. How do incompetence counselors get into their positions of oversight (min.4) Understanding how the elections work is vital to preventing corruption (min.7) and to ensure that the counselors are competent. Voting for people you like does not good governance make. What can you as the public do to make your municipality more accountable (min.10) the private sector take on the mantel of political education. What is lacking in civil participation , how can they help? (min. 15) The public hands over their moral obligation to corrupt politicians (17.30 min) 

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