Donderdag, 16 Julie 2020

Annette Jahnel reflects on how COVID-19 has changed our behavior.

As life becomes more difficult, four months into the lock-down, the more we instinctively start thinking only of 'number one' this weakens the social net that must support us all. By brain training and becoming mindful, we gain the ability to remain open and empathetic towards society, thereby ensuring that we keep adding our strength to the social net. (min 3) This net is built first between close partners , by remaining aware of how we may be slipping into none beneficial speech patterns and reactive behavior to those speech patterns. 

Gratitude exercise; three faces you love, expanded empathy two people you don't like, two second eye contact, and three minutes of listening. ( min 5) to expand our perspective to include more people, the more people we include the stronger the social net becomes that supports us all.

Annette Jahnel of the Essential shares her life manifesto and suggest that we should each write one for ourselves. To understand yourself is part of your journey from brain to mind, to wisdom (min 19)

Carl Sagan - Pale Blue Dot (min 21)



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