Donderdag, 16 Julie 2020

Future Perfect; how to prepare the Overstrand for digital nomads

Future Perfect invites Craig Austin of Co.Unity aboard the fast train to the future. He and Annette Jahnel discuss how the Overstrand can tap into the growing tourism market that is less about an annual holiday, and more of a 'the world is my workplace' (min 3.30). What are the requirements that this kind of global traveler needs, what would attract them to the Overstrand? What is a digital nomad? (min 6.45) what infrastructure do they need? (min 8) providing the services that these travelers need to support their lifestyles requires a mindset change from people who have stationary businesses. Digital nomads are interested in a complete global lifestyle; meeting people, learning about new cultures, and firsthand experiences, as opposed to going to see the sights and sitting in fancy restaurants. (min 12) Hermanus sits in the town size to infrastructure ratio sweet spot (min 17) Innovative and flexible office/business space leasing is part of the future of any small town economy. (min 21)


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