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Future Perfect - More sleep means a longer and healthier life

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  • Geskryf deur Pieter van Aswegen
Over the next few weeks Future Perfect will be presenting a series of programs aimed at those 
things we can and should change about how we live on Earth, to ensure we arrive at 
that every hopeful end station future perfect, and they will be increasingly challenging.
Today our journey will take us to sleep, during which I hope you will remain wide awake 
as changing your sleep routine is a change that is within each of our reach and one that 
comes with benefits that are disproportionate to the  minimal amount of effort this change takes. 

Future Perfect takes a journey into the science of compassion

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  • Geskryf deur Pieter van Aswegen

 Empathy pity sympathy often leads to wrong action. Action that has quite often more to do with pleasing the giver and not 

the recipient.  Compassion has a component of reason. This what separates compassion from empathy, sympathy, pity, concern, condolence, 

sensitivity, tenderness, commiseration or any other co-feeling emotion. 

When you look up compassion on the internet the Dalai lama is the name that comes up most often. 

The aim of those that follow this particular philosophical path is to cultivate the brain to control and direct the instinctive emotions  to go beyond the instinctive biological 

response of empathy beyond altruism toward compassion and ultimately wisdom or 

enlightenment.  It is the collaboration between this philosophy of how to live a purposeful life  and neuroscience  that has opened the door to much of what is

being studied and understood about how our brains actually work.

Future Perfect the science of kindness

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  • Geskryf deur Pieter van Aswegen
I stick to my guns when I say there is no such thing , yet, as AI it is all still mimicked intelligence and the intelligence it is mimicking is ours. So if as I contend, we cannot 
teach robots empathy perhaps we can teach ourselves to be more empathetic and altruistic and therefore give the robots a better example to mimic. 
As empathy is largely a biological response, which as we discovered in our brief look at the gut microbiome is driven in large part by a non-human genome that activates 
the limbic system or mammalian brain. Contemplative neuroscience is telling us that we can activate this latent ability. However we have also discovered that too much 
empathy is debilitating.  For empathy to be truly globally beneficial an added element is need and that is reason. Enter the neocortex, and specifically the prefrontal cortex 
When we add reasoned considered behavior to our emphatic response we get Altruism. 
The attitude of caring about others and doing acts that help them although you do not get anything by doing those acts

Future Perfect invites Lighthouse 2 Lighthouse Ladies onboard the fast track to a perfect 100km walk.

  • Gepubliseer op Vrydag, 04 Desember 2020 13:31
  • Geskryf deur Pieter van Aswegen

This Podcast is a  vital tool for all the ladies' who will be walking the 100kms over 4 days to raise funds for 13 charities in the Overberg. If you have questions you are sure to find the answers here.

Annette Jahnel grills L2L committee members Elna De Villiers and Michele Serfontien on a variety of important topics that all begin with an F.

Feet , Food, Fear, Focus and Fundraising.

Future Perfect eat yourself healthy

  • Gepubliseer op Vrydag, 04 Desember 2020 13:19
  • Geskryf deur Pieter van Aswegen

Annette Jahnel of the Essential Knowledge co. discusses the importance of keeping your microbiome healthy, to keep your brain healthy, to keep all of you healthy. Microbiologists are discovering that Oma was right; you are literally what you eat and fast food is a fast track to bad physical and mental health.



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