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Caledon Fm Crisis On Call

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  • Geskryf deur Pieter van Aswegen
Caledon Fm
Crisis On Call
Leutha Westraadt van Crisis on Call verduidelik

Dankdiens 18 Oktober 2020

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Caledon Fm, in samewerking met die Theewaterskloof munisipaliteit, Overberg Distrik munisipaliteit, Minister Ivan Meyer, Ds Johann Els, Agri Wes-kaap en Louis Jordaan hou 'n spesiale dankdiens op die wal van die Theewaterskloof dam. Hierdie is 'n regstreekse uitsending op Caledon fm

Future Perfect Empathy and the Matriarch

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What the world needs now are more wise old women.
Annette Jahnel of the Essential Knowledge.co in conversation about empathy, with occupational therapist Ronel Van Zyl, chairlady of the Lighthouse to Lighthouse organization,
and Ann Marie Lubbe chairlady of the Hermanus Women in Business network and HR master and qualified coach.

Future Perfect continues to explore the low end of the empathy spectrum

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There are those who fall on the extreme low end of the empathy spectrum who have what could be seen as a normal or average brain structure,
these people are classified as sociopaths or having Antisocial personality disorder or narcissistic personality disorder and their behavior is as a result
of their social environment. Brains with antisocial personality disorder are created by their environment, through nurture.   
In previous programs I outlined how the inner architecture of the human brain, the neural network is created through its interaction with its environment,
and while the young brain is most plastic and impressionable, the neural network continues to change in reaction to its environment over the entire lifespan of the brain. 
Combining this knowledge with the further knowledge that the brain is a survival organ, its primary function is to earn to survive in its environment, 
and adding to this the reality of the increasingly unstable and fast changing environment that the brain has to learn to survive in ,I asked the question .
Are sociopaths on the increase? If so how fast. 
This low empathy thinking is spilling into the field of AI, AI is the driving factor behind the 4th industrial revolution considering the type of brains 
that represent our current model of success, and which are funding specific aspects of this huge field. Deep insiders are concerned 
I would recommend watching ‘do you trust this computer ‘ a documentary on you tube in which the thoughts of tech insiders are investigated.
The sound bites in this podcast are taken from this documentary. The link will be posted on the Future Perfect face book page. 

Future Perfect building you mental super power, empathy

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  • Geskryf deur Pieter van Aswegen

Annette Jahnel of the Essential Knowledge co explores empathy; from semantics to neuroscience. Join her again next week as she explores empathy and AI.

'Dr Kent Kiel university of New Mexico studies the structure of the brains of the violent  criminals held at New Mexico prisoner they have found distinct differences in brain  physiology in psychopaths brains

He has scanned over 300 hundred inmates that present psychopathic behaviour, it is the biggest brain imaging datasets in the world and by far the biggest imaging data set of psychopathic brains and has found that the physiology of these brains is different to the average in that the frontal lobe, the most recent addition to the brain, and the place where considered reasoning takes place, and the amygdala are not communicating properly.

This results in this type of brain having an impaired ability to reason and to make considered choices. Manipulative and cunning, and highly impulsive with low moral judgement.

A study by Dr Adrian Rain found that psychopaths have biological differences as well.

In psychopaths the amygdala is on average 17% smaller than the average, this reduces the fear response. The smaller the size of the amygdala, the greater the willingness to take risks, guilt and fear are linked to social condemnation. A brain with a smaller than average amygdala feels much less, if any, shame or guilt about socially unacceptable behavior.

A combination of the two would put a person at the very extreme lower end of the empathy spectrum and in a high risk category for violent crime. As more is known about the brain and this can be detected and diagnosed early.'

Janel Speelman Soprano

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Janel Speelman

is a South African soprano, who is quickly establishing herself as an emerging artist in operatic, concert and art song performance work in South Africa. Speelman completed a Master of Music qualification at the University of Michigan, School of Music, Theatre and Dance in 2016 under the vocal tuition of Professor Daniel Washington and is currently a voice lecturer at the

Stellenbosch Konservatorium

Makudu Senaoana Tenor

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