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Saterdag, 18 Augustus 2018

Nou op die Lug

Alan Rosenmeyer
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2018-08-08 10:00 - 12:00
Stanford Tourism & Business

Stanford Tourism and Business is supporting Panthera Africa's Lion Tea Pawty by serving tea and scones on Wednesday 8 August. All funds raised go to Panthera Africa. Pop in on Wednesday morning and enjoy posh tea and scones, and your donation of R50 will go to Panthera Africa in its entirety.

Read the message from Panthera Africa here: World Lion Day is on Friday, 10 August and we are asking you, our friends and supporters, to join in the fun and help us raise funds for our lions at Panthera Africa. We are asking you to hold a benefit lion pawty with your friends to celebrate World Lion Day on 10 August.

With the increasing demand for tiger bones, people have now started to harvest and sell lion bones to predominantly the Asian markets for potions and aphrodisiacs. This means lions are now being bred for their bones at various facilities across the world.

Add to that the cub petting by tourists, and when they get too big they are either used for tourism activities such as walking with lions, or sold for canned hunting, also called tropy hunting. 

We have eleven lions at Panthera Africa. As you know by now, Obi and Oliver were rescued from breeding facilities where they were waiting to be sold for a canned hunt. Baguira was kept in a small trailer by a circus. They ran out of money and Baguira never performed, but was kept in a tiny space for 7 years of her life. 

Zakara and Jade were rescued from a breeding facility where they were bred every six months, causing damage to their bodies for the stress. Emotionally, they had cubs taken away from them every six months, and they no longer trusted humans. 

Chaka was kept in a cage in suburban home as a pet, with cats and dogs and children. He was only allowed out of his cage for short periods, until he was finally confiscated by authorities and given to Panthera Africa to live out his life with dignity and peace. 

We have to make sure that these lions are well taken care for and this year we are raising funds for the following procedures:
• Spaying of Elsa, Lei-ah and Baguira
• Elsa and Lei-ah’s eye examination and possible cataract removal by an eye specialist
• Chaka’s and Jubatus’s medication and check-ups

Thanks to your kind donations on International Tiger Day last year, we managed to raise R45,000. We bought a meat freezer so that our pride can have enough food throughout the year.

This year, we are raising funds for the lions medical care so that are able to spend the rest of their lives in good health. We would very much like our extended human pride all over the world to join us in something really fun to help us raise the funds – hold a Big Lion Pawty!


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Nuutste Resepte

Pens en pootjies met boontjies


RESEP VAN DIE DAG goedgunstig verskaf deur LAPA Uitgewers.

Vandag se resep is uit die publikasie “Gunsteling Suid-Afrikaanse kos” is verskaf

met komplimente van LAPA Uitgewers en is 'n samestelling van resepte deur LAPA uitgewers.



Pens en pootjies met boontjies




8 vark- of skaappense en pootjies

300 g spikkelboontjies (sugar beans)

25 ml (5e) witasyn

5 ml (1t) suiker

2 heel kruienaeltjies

5 ml (1t) fyn koljander

5 ml (1t) fyn wonderpeper

1 uie fyngekap

20 ml (4t) magtige kerriepoeier

10 ml borrie

Handvol gekapte vars Koljanderblare





1. Gooi die afval in n groot genoeg mengbak. Bedek dit met soutwater en laat dit 'n uur lank week. Haal dit uit en spoel onder skoon water af.

2. Bedek die boontjies met water en laat dit ook 'n uur lank week.

3. Dreineer die boontjies en gooi dit in 'n groot kastrol. Bedek dit met skoon water en kook 45 minute lank oor matige hitte tot sag. Laat boontjies in die water afkoel.

4. Plaas intussen die afval in 'n aparte kastrol en bedek dit met skoon water. Kook dit oor matige hitte tot sag – ongeveer 'n uur lank. Kap of sny die afval in kleiner stukkies en gooi dit weer by die vloeistof in die kastrol.

5. Voeg die res van die bestanddele, behalwe die koljanderblare en boontjies, by. Roer dit deur en laat dit nog 45 minute lank oor matige hitte prut.

6. Dreineer weer die boontjies en roer dit by die afval in die kastrol. Laat prut dit nog 10 minute en sit dit warm voor saam met vars koljander.