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2017-10-06 16:00 - 2017-10-07 20:00
Suidpunt Deep Sea Angling Club - Hoofweg, Struis Bay, Struisbaai
7285, Suid-Afrika
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Dear angler

Thank you for your interest and inquiries about the L'Agulhas – Struisbaai Angling Skins. We hope the following information can answers any questions or uncertainties that you may have.

The purpose of this competition
The Angling skins is in aid of Zoetendal Academy. The Academy is already in its 20th year of existence.
Since Zoetendal Academy receives limited subsidies, we rely on our own initiatives and fundraisers to supplement income funds.
We have in the past offered a fishing competition which was very successful.

How the competition works
The competition will consist of a group of smaller competitions compiled together, every little competition is known as a "skins" so there is not just one winner for the day, but as much as there are "skins" within the day's bigger competition.
No angler that day will know how many "skins" there are or what the duration of the separate "skins" are, this will be revealed later in the evening with the prize giving. Rest assured there will be ample opportunities to win many prices.

Basic guidelines of competition
The fishing competition will be held on Saturday, October 7, 2016 at
the Deep Sea Angling Club in Struisbaai.
The fishing area extends from Brandfontein to Arniston, which will provide enough fishing spots for both shores and rock anglers.
Only edible fish will be weighed in, there are many prizes to be won from the smallest fish to the largest, and perhaps also for the angler who caught nothing.
There is also a section for junior anglers, as we like to encourage their interest in this wonderful sport.
Teams also welcome.

Lines in at: 05H00.
Lines up at: 16h30
weigh in from 16h30 to 17h30 at
the Deep Sea Angling Club in Struisbaai 

Prize giving starts at 19h00 at the Deep Sea Angling Club in Struisbaai

The Sea Fishery and the Department of Environment's rules and regulations MUST be followed, and you MUST have a valid fishing license.

The chief officer's decision regarding the competition will be binding and final.
The organizers cannot / will not be held liable for any losses or injuries sustained during the competition.

Entry fee R150.00 p / p and R90.00 for juniors (on Oct. 7. 2017 not yet 14 years old) and team entries is R750.00 per team of 4 anglers.

Registration will take place on Friday, October 6, 2016 at the Deep Sea Angling Club in Struisbaai from 16h00 - 21h00.

Finally, we thank you again for your interest and look forward to seeing you on the 8 of October 2016.

For any further information please contact us.

Maretha Jamneck

Cel: 082 447 9239

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Simone Swart

Tel: 028 435 6556

Fax: 086 724 8475

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6-8 porsies


1 kg dikrib

45 ml (3E) kanola-olie

2 uie, fyngekap

2 Knoffelhuisies, fyngekap

20 ml (4T) gerookte paprika

15 ml (1t) suiker

30 ml (2e) tamatiepasta

250 ml (1k) rooiwyn

2.25 L beesvleisaftreksel

4 wortels, geskil en in skyfies gesny

4 ryp tamaties, skil en gekap

1 bouquet garni

5 ml (1t) sout

5 ml (1t) varsgemaalde swartpeper

1 rooi soetrissie, ontpit en repies gesny

125 ml (1/2 k) room



1. Sny enige sigbare vet van die vleis af en sny die vleis dan in blokkies van 2.5 cm.

2. Verhit die olie in n swaarboomkastrol en soteer die uie en knoffel vir ongeveer 5 minute tot sag en deurskynend is.

3. Voeg die blokkies vleis by die uie en braai dit effens.

4. Roer die paprika deur die vleis en maak seker dat uie en vleis goed daarmee bedek is.

5. Roer meel, suiker, tamatiepasta, rooiwyn en aftreksel deur die vleismengsel.

6. Voeg die wortels, tamaties, bouquet garni, sout en swartpeper by. Verhit die sop tot kookpunt, plaas die deksel op en laat dit vir ongeveer 2uur liggies prut tot die vleis sag is.

7. Blansjeer die soetrissierepies en voeg twee-derdes van die repies by die sop. Laat die sop vir nog 15 minute prut.

8. Verwyder die bouquet garni uit die sop en roer die room deur. Garneer met die oorblywende soetrissierepies en bedien dadelik.