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Vrydag, 10 Julie 2020

Wayne Duvenage CEO of OUTA is this weeks guest on Future Perfect

OUTA started with investigating the corruption involved in the building of the Gauteng inner city toll gantries (min.6) Tackling SANRAL head-on they brought the scheme to its knees.(min.8)

Democracy requires participation can OUTA give any tips on what we do to stop corruption? (min.10) How does the ruling allowing independents to run for office change the dynamic concerning corruption? (min. 14)

How does one take the government to court if the government is taking your tax money to pay lawyers to fight your claim of tax abuse?(min.16.30) Citizens must act(min.19) and maintain a long view (min.20.30)

Can a counselors get fired?(min.22) Use social media as a social tool(min.23) Remind the government that the problems that we are facing existed before the pandemic, this is not a scapegoat we will let you use.(min.27) OUTA is positioning themselves as an anti-corruption platform where best practices and the experiences of other municipalities to empower everyone. (min.29)


2019-11-10 12:00 - 16:00
Rivendell wine estate - 25 Marine Drive, 4 Breakwater
Hermanus, South Africa
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This coming Sunday, The Singing Cook Restaurant at Rivendell wine estate offers a Sunday Roast with Lamb, Chicken, 2 combo salads, 4 roasted veggies AND Dessert for ONLY R120 per person! Seriously??? 

The famous Elvis impersonator and Italian singer: Antonio da Slva-Swart, will be singing for your food! Take a leisurely drive out to Rivendell THIS Sunday and enjoy the day out with the Whole Family on this lovely Boutique wine estate. Just 32km from Caledon towards the Kleinmond turnoff, this is an awesome Sunday event.


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